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“The game of golf has provided me everything I could have imagined in life and more. My goal for the Foundation is to inspire people and provide an opportunity to succeed in life no matter their race, locale or background. We want to meet their basic needs and expand their horizons." - David Leadbetter

Leadbetter Posed With Andy Price

Our Mission

The Leadbetter Foundation, 501 (c) (3), looks to positively impact the younger generation around the world by providing them with assistance and resources that will help educate, empower and improve their lives.

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Leadbetter Foundation Tournament

Attend David Leadbetter's exclusive Foundation tournament following the Masters, this April

Get to Know Us

We have so much to offer to the world - we believe in the power that people hold. The Leadbetter Foundation will raise funds to support the education of underprivileged communities. 

We support teaching people the values of integrity, honesty, self-discipline, social skill building, and the importance of being a good citizen while improving the future for those that are economically or demographically under-privileged or under-served.  

Donate today, and see how you can make an impact on someone's life!

Contact Us

140 Cateechee Trail
Hartwell, GA 30643

(706) 856-4653

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