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Empowering Young Minds

Programs We Offer

At The Leadbetter Foundation, we’re dedicated to helping underprivileged youth around the globe to develop their golf skills and grow into contributing members of society. Check out all of our programs, and swing by for a visit today!

Leadbetter Kids

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Leadbetter Kids Program

The Leadbetter Foundation is proud to support Leadbetter Kids in their efforts to grow the love of the game. 

Leadbetter Kids offers a variety of learning experiences for children ages 3-10 years old. Classes each have unique themes and are structured as progressive, multi-week “Rounds” that follow a natural progression of skills throughout each “Level” (“Levels” are 20 week semesters corresponding to most international school calendars). In each learning “Round”, golf activities are the foundation of the Leadbetter Kids three dimensional learning program. Each dimension teaches skills children will use throughout their lives including self-confidence, English language learning, and social etiquette.

For more information on Leadbetter Kids, visit their website:

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