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At The Leadbetter Foundation, we are strong believers in the ability of our youth to succeed. Our foundation is designed to use golf to educate, empower and improve lives of youth around the world.  We want to inspire them to reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential. We are proud of all the children we support, and love watching them grow into bright-minded and confident individuals.

David Leadbetter

David and Kelly Leadbetter

Using Golf as a Means to Improve Children’s Lives

As our founder and primary contributor, David Leadbetter and his wife Kelly Leadbetter not only casts the vision for the foundation, but relentlessly supports our pursuit of quality golf education for all children. David and Kelly continually speak about how much golf has given them in life, much more than they could have imagine. David and Kelly decided to begin The Leadbetter Foundation to give back to golf and spread the love of the game to children who may have never been exposed in the first place.

Kelli and Charly Schell

Charly and Kelli Schell

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

As an active duty family for a decade, the Schell’s decided to make Hartwell, GA their permanent home after Major Charly Schell departed from the Army. Shortly after moving to Hartwell, Kelli served as Hartwell Service League president and quickly became involved in several organizations in the community.  The couple then developed the idea of forming their very first charity, Toughest Kids Inc, through their participation as sponsors, counselors, and running the ropes course at a Camp for children with cancer in Mississippi.  In addition to the formation of Toughest Kids Inc, the couple also supports numerous military causes. The Schell family has devoted themselves to working together to help their community and children in need.

Ben Riches

Ben Riches

Inspiring the Next Generation of Greats

Originally from Norwich, England, Benedict now lives in Florida with his wife and two young children. Benedict oversees the Leadbetter business worldwide, setting the agenda to develop a grassroots program ‘Leadbetter Kids’ and growing golf in emerging markets such as India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.


Benedict firmly believes in the potential of sport to influence and affect change in peoples’ lives and the communities they live in. Through his marathon running, Benedict has raised money for the African charity Hand-in-Hand. He was also a member of the InterCampus team that educated and supported children living in the favelas during the World Cup.  

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